The birth of a new baby is truly amazing, and it is our mission to ensure that your birth experience is special. However, we are obligated to give you information about the unfortunate risk of infant abduction.

We take responsibility to protect your baby while you are in one of our medical centers.

We recognize that an informed and watchful parent is the best protection in infant security.

As soon as possible, investigate security procedures and the visitation policies at the facility you plan to give birth. Please know these policies are not meant to inconvenience you in any way. They help us with infant security and safety, so please help us protect your baby by following these polices.


  • NEVER give your baby to anyone who doesn’t have official hospital identification, even if they are in hospital clothing.
  • We always transport infants in a crib on wheels. Question anyone who tries to carry your baby in their arms out of your room.
  • If your baby needs procedures or test to be performed outside the room, determine where your infant will be going and how long the tests will take.
  • If you take your baby out of your room for any reason, keep your baby in a crib on wheels. Do not carry your baby in your arms when outside your room.
  • Never leave your infant out of your direct line-of-sight even when you go to the restroom or take a nap. If you leave the room or plan to go to sleep, alert the nurses to take the infant back to the nursery or have someone with the matching ID bracelet watch the baby.
  • Keep your baby’s crib next to your bed on the side away from the room door.
  • If you are concerned about who is asking for your baby, call your nurse or the nursing station.
  • Be sure to ask the staff about any security questions you may have.
  • All visitors are required to know mothers first and last name and to show photo ID upon arrival to the Mother Baby Unit.
  • Vendors delivering food or flowers will be required to leave items at the desk and our staff will deliver these items to your room.
  • Please help us by telling your family and friends about our infant security practices.


  • Consider the risk you may be taking when permitting your infant's birth announcement to be published in the newspaper or online. Birth announcements should never include the family's home address and should be limited to the parents' surname(s).
  • Use caution posting information or photographs of your infant on websites. When doing so limit access to those you know personally and trust. Carefully consider anyone’s request to take a picture of your infant and only share photographs of your infant with those you know personally and trust.
  • The use of outdoor announcements such as signs, balloons, large floral wreaths, and other lawn ornaments are not recommended to announce a birth because they call attention to the presence of a new infant in the home.
  • Only allow persons into your home who are well-known by the mother. It is ill advised to allow anyone into your home who is just a mere or recent acquaintance. If anyone should arrive at the home claiming to be homecare, utility worker or a general repair person check for visible photo ID. If unsure, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Instead, call the company for verification and to report your concerns.


  • Whenever possible, take a trusted friend or family member with you as an extra set of hands and eyes to protect and constantly observe the infant.
  • Never leave a child alone in a motor vehicle. Always take the child with you.
  • Never let someone you don’t know pick up, hold or “keep an eye on” your child.
  • Place your infant in the car with the doors locked and the keys with you while loading your car with groceries.

Brochure contains excerpts from NCMEC. Content used with permission, no partnership.